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To enter Cuba you are required to have Travel Medical Insurance. This will be checked by an immigration offical when you arrive in Cuba. If acceptable documentation is not provided, then you will have to buy travel insurance from the local insurance provider.


Know The Facts

Open your U.S passport to page two and you may be surprised by the following warning:

HEALTH INSURANCE. Persons considering foreign travel should determine what health insurance coverage, if any, they require while outside the United States. Medicare does not cover health care costs outside the United States and its territories, except under limited circumstances in Canada and Mexico.

The simple fact is that many international travelers do not have appropriate insurance protection. Government sponsored health programs such as Medicare almost never cover care received in a foreign country. Employer-sponsored plans often limit overseas coverage to emergency care only (and the burden will be on you to prove it's an emergency).
Emergency medical evacuation is almost never covered. Even if you're traveling on business, you may have significant gaps in your coverage.

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Is travel insurance really necessary?            (En Español)


And worth the added expense? According to the leading travel website Expedia, 19% of every traveler cancels or postpones their plans because of work-related reasons. A survey conducted by the Insurance Information Institute corroborated this trend by finding that 17% of travelers, one out of every six, file some type of claim during their business travels or vacations.

Insurance is widely regarded as the best way to protect travelers against a wide range of situations, well beyond emergency illness or injury. Even if your company group health plan covers typical medical circumstances, a business traveler would be well advised to upgrade to a comprehensive policy for additional overseas business protection.

Don't rely on the common misconception that credit cards give adequate travel coverage.  The vast majority offer protections so narrow that they may as well have none at all.

The same is true for domestic health insurance companies. Most do not cover foreign travel, nor do they have the logistics to help with most emergencies away from home.  They may reimburse for emergency medical procedures incurred while traveling, but what about the rest?  Medical evacuation is ruinously expensive and almost never covered. Terror delays are no longer as rare as in the past.  Who hasn’t heard about a friend losing their passport at the most inconvenient moment? What if your need translation for a crucial prescription refill and you’re in Outer Mongolia?

A typical comprehensive plan should provide a wide range of assisted services. Here is a sampling of travel risks that many travelers typically underestimate:

  • foreign auto accidents
  • legal help needed unexpectedly
  • evacuation due to weather or natural disasters
  • medical evacuation often costing as much as $100,000
  • air ambulance from a remote local to a city large enough to host a modern hospital
  • repatriation, whether for a health crisis, a lost passport or a military coup
  • terror evacuation or kidnap/ransom protection for dangerous hotspots
  • sudden departure prompted by a work-related emergency
  • embassy referrals from experts on the ground

The risk of travel delays should not be underestimated. In these unforeseen instances, who pays for the hotel and meals?  Who finds the accommodations? Without protection, you do.

What about lost luggage?  That brand new business suit for the important meeting might have to be replaced overseas. Replacing a stolen laptop could deplete your traveling funds. The important documents in your carry-on may have to be emergency couriered at a high price tag.

Traveling abroad should be exciting and adventuresome. Having the foresight to insure away these risks with a comprehensive travel policy helps make this happen.

Fredric Havens - SafetyFirst Travel Insurance

Fredric Havens - President


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